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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No Arms, No Legs, No Worries...

Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs. That doesn't stop him from living a life of joyful gratitude. And from making it his passion to share a message of hope. Watch this video to be inspired and to see your life a little differently; and then visit his incredible website for more.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Woman Conceived in Rape is Grateful for Life...

Just another reminder that there are always two lives to consider in the decision to choose life or abortion.
Deborah Morlani, pro-life speaker and mother of five, defends Cardinal Oullet's stand in defense of those conceived in rape and talks about her own mother's decision, at the age of 16, to defend the life of her child:

"When she found out she was pregnant there was no doubt in her mind that I was her little baby and she was going to keep me and ensure that no one hurt me like she was hurt. She always felt very protective of my life while I was growing in her womb and throughout my childhood..."

"My mom made a doll named Suzie for me shortly after I was born and  I still have her to this day. This little 12" handmade cotton doll has meant a lot to me over the years; she reminds me that I was a baby worth loving no matter how I was conceived. She reminds me that babies are worth loving, no exceptions."

Morlani has made it one of the missions of her life to defend the lives of babies, like her, "who were conceived in rape and to work toward ending the discrimination and hatred aimed toward us."

Read the full article here and do pass it on: Woman Conceived in Rape Thanks Quebec Cardinal for Abortion Statements

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Raquel Welch takes an honest look at sexual freedom...

Raquel Welch, an award-winning actress and American sex symbol, has penned the following article for the CNN Opinion website discussing the pros and cons of a sex-saturated culture. Without knowing her specific position on abortion, I would definitely classify this as a "pro-life" article as she strongly recognizes the importance of family, children and the importance of limits to sexual freedoms.

(CNN)  -- Margaret Sanger opened the first American family-planning clinic in 1916, and nothing would be the same again. Since then the growing proliferation of birth control methods has had an awesome effect on both sexes and led to a sea change in moral values.

And as I've grown older over the past five decades -- from 1960 to 2010 -- and lived through this revolutionary period in female sexuality, I've seen how it has altered American society -- for better or worse.

On the upside, by the early 60's The Pill had made it easier for a woman to choose to delay having children until after she established herself in a career. Nonetheless, for young women of childbearing age (I was one of them) there was a need for some careful soul searching -- and consideration about the long-range effects of oral contraceptives -- before addressing this very personal decision. It was a decision I too would have to face when I discovered I was pregnant at age 19.

Even though I was married to the baby's father, Jim Welch, I wasn't prepared for this development. It meant I would have to put my career ambitions on hold. But "the choice" was not mine alone to make. I had always wanted to have Jim's babies, but wasn't at all sure how he would react. At the time, we were 19-year-old newlyweds, struggling to make ends meet. But he was unflinching in his desire to keep our baby and his positive, upbeat attitude about the whole prospect turned everything around. I have always loved Jim for how he responded in that moment.

During my pregnancy, I came to realize that this process was not about me. I was just a spectator to the metamorphosis that was happening inside my womb so that another life could be born. It came down to an act of self-sacrifice, especially for me, as a woman. But both of us were fully involved, not just for that moment, but for the rest of our lives. And it's scary. You may think you can skirt around the issue and dodge the decision, but I've never known anyone who could. Jim and I had two beautiful children who've been an ongoing blessing to both of us.

Later, I would strike out on my own, with my little ones, as a single mother to pursue a career in the movies. It was far from ideal, but my children didn't impede my progress. They grounded me in reality and forced me into an early maturity. I should add that having two babies didn't destroy my figure.

But if I'd had a different attitude about sex, conception and responsibility, things would have been very different.

One significant, and enduring, effect of The Pill on female sexual attitudes during the 60's, was: "Now we can have sex anytime we want, without the consequences. Hallelujah, let's party!"

It remains this way. These days, nobody seems able to "keep it in their pants" or honor a commitment! Raising the question: Is marriage still a viable option? I'm ashamed to admit that I myself have been married four times, and yet I still feel that it is the cornerstone of civilization, an essential institution that stabilizes society, provides a sanctuary for children and saves us from anarchy.

In stark contrast, a lack of sexual inhibitions, or as some call it, "sexual freedom," has taken the caution and discernment out of choosing a sexual partner, which used to be the equivalent of choosing a life partner. Without a commitment, the trust and loyalty between couples of childbearing age is missing, and obviously leads to incidents of infidelity. No one seems immune.

As a result of the example set by their elders, by the 1990s teenage sexual promiscuity -- or hooking up -- with multiple partners had become a common occurrence. Many of my friends who were parents of teenagers sat in stunned silence several years ago when it came to light that oral sex had become a popular practice among adolescent girls in middle schools across the country.

The 13-year-old daughter of one such friend freely admitted to performing fellatio on several boys at school on a regular basis. "Aw come on, Mom. It's no big deal. Everyone is doing it," she said. Apparently, since it's not the act of intercourse, kids don't count it as sex. Can any sane person fail to make a judgment call about that?

Seriously, folks, if an aging sex symbol like me starts waving the red flag of caution over how low moral standards have plummeted, you know it's gotta be pretty bad. In fact, it's precisely because of the sexy image I've had that it's important for me to speak up and say: Come on girls! Time to pull up our socks! We're capable of so much better.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Aborted Fetal DNA in vaccines linked to Autism?


In Febuary of 2009, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims denied awarding damages to three families who believe that vaccines caused their children's diseases. They are only 3 of 5,000 such families seeking restitution from a government program that exists to compensate people injured by vaccines. The very existence of the program proves that these injuries do happen. However, government studies say that the dramatic increase in cases of autism is not linked to vaccinations.

The foundation of these case against vaccinations was the use and potentially harmful effect of mercury. But others are saying that this is the fundamental reason that the families lost their cases; that mercury is not the cause of the disease. There still remains a strong connection between vaccinations and the rise of autism, they say, but Mercury is not the culprit.
Studies conducted by the Sound Chose Pharmaceutical Institute indicate that the link is not mercury but rather residual DNA from aborted babies used to make certain vaccines.

We already know that embryonic stem cell research has been an abysmal failure . Not only has it been shown to be ineffective but also damaging to patients. Is this further evidence of the same?

Pro-life activist and blogger Jill Stanek thinks so: "That virus-laden DNA of aborted babies could be wreaking havoc on the DNA of healthy children is completely plausible."

Moral objections to vaccines created using aborted fetal cell lines have been raised for many years although not loudly enough to affect main stream users. Many parents are frightened by the risk of disease from a failure to vaccinate and override their moral objections for the health of their children. What many do not know is that effective, safe and morally acceptable forms of these vaccines are available in other countries but not approved by the ethically compromised FDA. When enough people refuse to participate perhaps someone will think the effort worth it.

Do we now have a health concern to add to our moral objections?

For further information about how many of our vaccines are tainted with the cell lines of aborted babies, please visit Children of God for Life .


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