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Saturday, January 31, 2009

'Handmade for Life' Basket Raffle...

I have been getting a tremendous response from pro-lifers in the handmade community who want to contribute to my local pregnancy center fundraiser. I sent out an appeal for handcrafted items to be included in a basket to be raffled off...And I have not been disappointed! I am eager for the collection to come together so that I can share photos and information about these generous artists!

The deadline for contributions is February 20th...I'll keep you posted!

Artists who have contributed so far...

Matt's Crafty Wife
The Goblin Tree
I Am Blessed
Noah's Landing Art
Suejay's Clay
Carol's Glass Creations
New Vintage
Totally Crosses
Greetings that Grow
Wordz of Life
Sew Artsy
Matic Studio
Sue Runyon Designs
Mum Mum's Crafts
Maine Coast Creations
Abba's Girl
Cherry's Creations
Helen's Harvest

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Music for Life....

Thanking God for those who have been inspired to use their art to defend a culture of Life! Beautiful.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This blog began as a little nudge in the back of my soul that told me I wasn't doing enough to speak up for the unborn. When President Obama took office and immediately began implementing the anti-life policies that he promised he would, that nudge became an uncomfortable pinch...And then a shove...And then a shout!

It is my hope to use this medium as a way to build up a culture of Life using the gifts that God has given us in the work of our hands. 'Handmade' has an overlooked and underestimated value in the building up of a healthy culture. It is perhaps somewhat similar to the way that life has become a throwaway commodity. We use and toss...

But the work of our own hands has value that can't be purchased at a big box store. How much more value has the work of the hands of the Creator of Life itself?

I pray that the direction this simple work goes will be directed by His hand. I dedicate it to the Divine Artist. Let us begin!


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