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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

60-Yard Touchdown Run by Boy with Down Syndrome

When I read this story this morning I was struck again by the fact that a person who loves all life (regardless of ability) has a blessing of joy that those who fight to suppress and destroy life do not have. The pro-life person accepts a certain amount of suffering to live a life of sacrificial love. The result of that investment of love is a bounty of blessing that would not have existed otherwise.

The story of Matt Ziesel's touchdown run is an example of the fruit of such love. Everyone involved in this event had the opportunity to have their minds and hearts changed forever by embracing the life and effort of this boy.

"I scored a touchdown! 60 yards, I go for touchdown for us!" 

Final score? 46-6 in favor of the other team; but everyone was a winner that day. Read the full story HERE .

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