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Friday, November 6, 2009

Family Attic giveaway!

We want to introduce you to one of our precious team members - Nana from Family Attic! Here she is, in her own words...and don't forget to check for details at the end of this post for how you can enter to win one of her beautiful custom signs!

There's nothing more important to me than FAMILY. As a little girl I would sneak up an old winding staircase to my Nana's attic and dig through her old trunks & dusty boxes exploring for treasure. That attic was like a time capsule and I just LOVED IT! Memories of those times at my Nana's house stayed with me. :) That is where I got the name for my Cottage business, FAMILY ATTIC SHOPPE.

I get inspiration from anything vintage & chippy. Those objects speak to me and become a part of my cottage sign designs. I've painted for as long as I can remember and everything I LOVE comes together in my cottage signs, and I think it shows. Now my grandchildren call me Nana and so do you! I adored my Nana who taught me about FAMILY. I'm honored to carry on her name in my business, FAMILY ATTIC SHOPPE.
Years ago my husband and I purchased 80 acres in a small town, much like I grew up in and we built a country ranch home together. It took us six years to finish but when it was complete we were amazed. It felt as if we lived there all our lives because the house was a reflection of who we were and what we love. Now we are struggling to keep it. Our primary business has all but failed after 25 years of hard work. The economy has effected us like it has many families in the world. After praying for direction I started painting again and my sign business started making enough for food. Then enough to pay this bill or that. Now we are hoping it will be enough to keep our home that we built and our daughters grew up in and our grandchildren enjoy.
My heart has always gone out to children of any age. I discovered a group called LIFE CARE CENTER. They provide young single mothers with diapers, food, bottles, medical care, etc. and they need help. I've decided to create a children's line of signs and donate the profits to them.

I love Family Attic! And I loooove the sign Nana is giving away! Below is an example, it measures 10"x24" and will have the winner's family name. Here's how you can enter to win - and can enter more than once!

1. Leave a comment here mentioning your favorite item from Family Attic (1 entry).
2. Become a follower of this blog (1 entry).
3. Become a follower of Family Attic's blog (1 entry).
4. Add the HFL badge to your blog and post a link in the comments below (2 entries).
5. Blog about this contest and link our blog on it - and don't forget to give us the link below in the comments! (3 entries)
Existing followers and those who already display the HFL badge count as entries, as long as you post a comment (with link if applicable) to let us know! Them's the rules... you can have up to 8 entries! Contest closes Friday, November 20th, and we'll announce the winner on Monday, November 23rd!


  1. Oh my goodness! I so want to win this! It would be awesome to have for when Steve and I get married!
    My favorite from the shop is the LOVE sign that you posted as the first photo.
    I already follow your blog, and have the HFL badge on my blog (
    And now I'm following their blog too!

    (so I think that's 5 entries?)

  2. Oh, so hard to choose but I love this one:
    "Always Kiss Me Goodnight and Hold Me Tight til Morning Light"

    I am already a follower of this blog...does that count for an extra?

  3. I am now a follower of Family Attic's Blog!

    Nana, we are kindred vintage shop is named Ellie Lee's Attic after my grandmother for all the reason's you mentioned!

  4. One more entry for me...I have the HFL badge on my blog....and tomorrow I'll blog about this but don't count it yet, in case something happens.

  5. What a wonderful thing to do =) Praying that they keep their home and have tons of sales!!!

    I follow the HFL blog and I have the HFL badge on my blog =)

    I will have to catch up with the other entry things later - lol - must sleep! haha!

  6. Okay! I just blogged about the giveaway as well!

  7. Hi there what a cool giveaway!
    I really like the Custom nursery sign!
    I have 6 kiddos so far!


  8. I am now a follower...but a few days ago I stumbled onto your blog and put a link to you on my side bar...(not the button) but as blogs I read and it has the title of your last posting.

    Georgiann from The Garden Gate

  9. I'm now a follower of the Family Attic blog~
    (I also left her a wonderful comment!)


  10. I love the Love Birds sign!

  11. Here's my blog post about the giveaway...

    Just so you know, it's linked to facebook too!

  12. I LOVE this shop!

    Okay, my favorite item is the OPEN business sign

    I'm a follower of HFL blog.

    I am now a follower of Family Attic's blog.

    I don't have a blog (darn it) but if I did, I WOULD add the HFL badge and blog about this contest and whatever else I need to do. LOL

    Fun contest! Blessings to all!

  13. I am following! What an awesome prize from Family Attic!

  14. I LOVE Family Attics shop! I am a member of HFLteam and follower of this blog!
    MY Fave item is the LOVE sign, and if by chance I win, I would like Allison to have the sign for her and Steves wedding!

    xoxox, Daffy

  15. I added the button and link in my sidebar~

    For 2 entries~

    So this counts for one and I will leave one under this~ for my 2nd entry~

  16. This is my second entry....for the task of adding your button to my side bar~

    Blessings to you~


  17. I blogged about your giveaway~
    For (3) entries.

    This is one~

  18. This is three~

    I blogged your giveaway!

    You can find it at

    PS I'm also having a Thanksgiving Giveaway that ends Nov. 22 @ Midnight
    US residents only~

    Thanks Georgiann @ The Garden Gate

  19. I just discovered this site and it is wonderful. i hope to do some future shopping with these artists.

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.



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