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Monday, March 9, 2009

Walking the Talk...

When I started this little work in defense of the Sanctity of Life, it was my great hope that a community would come together to motivate and inspire each other to find a way to use their particular gifts and talents for the cause. I have not been disappointed and look forward to introducing you to so many who have responded spontaneously and enthusiastically to that inspiration.

Lucy of Mum Mum's Crafts was one of the first to respond positively to this effort and immediately set to work finding a way to give more of herself. She unveiled her new project this week and it's just fantastic! Check this out...

A beautiful little bar of all-natural solid lotion imprinted with precious feet and housed in a practical tin. I'd never even heard of solid lotion before but I plan to familiarize myself with it soon! Here's Lucy's description of her Grapefruit and Litsea Solid Lotion Bar:

These ultra rich lotion bars are great for dry skin! They will melt into your skin and provide awesome relief. They are 100% natural, scented only with essential oils and because they are water free, a preservative is not needed!! Grapefruit & Litsea is an ultra refreshing citrus blend, certain to brighten your day! The cute little tins also make these ultra portable, great for purses! To use just take out the bar and allow it to melt slightly where ever moisture is needed. Great for elbows, hands, feet, knees, or anywhere!!

This particular product was made to support the Crisis Pregnancy Center, 50% of each sale goes directly to the Crisis Pregnancy Center; the other 50% goes to making more! The Crisis Pregnancy Center provides assistance to mothers and babies in need across the country. Each month’s proceeds will go to a different CPC, starting here in NC and working from there!

When you purchase this product, you know you're not just getting a beautiful and healthy product...You're also supporting mothers and babies in need.

I also highly recommend Lucy's other products. I am a huge fan of her Goat Milk Lotion (honey almond is my fave) and also her mineral make-up and soaps. I also recently discovered her jewelry shop and am just floored by her range of talents! And I know she homeschools...Anyone else feeling inspired!!

Thanks, Lucy....For all of your hard work, enthusiasm and support!


  1. Great feature on Lucy! I love that she has a specific item dedicated to LIFE!


  2. Thank you so much Melody!! I am honored to be featured on this blog! I will have more scents in the solid lotion coming soon!


  3. totally awesome! thanks to both of you =)
    God bless,



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