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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Window on the Womb...

(Baby Chamberlain at 18 weeks)

I am awestruck every time I see photos of babies before they're born. The latest advance in ultrasound imaging is the 3D and 4D technology which allows one to see an actual multi-dimensional photograph and video of the child. It's just incredible and in Crisis Pregnancy Centers that have them, is the number one reason that a woman will decide to let her child live!

It seems to me that in spite of much of the Scientific world's great effort to replace God, it instead is becoming progressively more excellent at revealing the fingerprint of the Divine Creator. To be able to see a child's features, facial expressions, actions, and even hair before birth is a life-altering experience!

Today, I have the extreme pleasure of introducing one of the newest members of our Handmade for Life community! Her name is Chamberlain and she is 18 weeks old (pre-born), weighs 1/2 a pound and is about as long as a Snicker's candy bar. She can already do many things including opening and closing her eyes!

Chamberlain's mommy is the creative force behind Baruch's Lullaby on Etsy and a passionate lover of Life.
On Mother's Day in 2003 after a long and terrible illness, she miscarried a baby in the 12th week of pregnancy. They named him Baruch (bahr-ook) which means "blessing" in Hebrew, knowing that a life cut short is still a life and still a blessing, no matter how brief.

Her creative work is absolutely delightful. Beautiful and full of life and color. I challenge you to visit her shop and find something you wouldn't love to own or give! The icing on the cake is that she gives 30% of every sale to the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Anchorage, Alaska! Another great opportunity to show your love of Life even when shopping!

I am so grateful to the crew at Baruch's Lullaby for sharing their newest blessing with us. And I encourage everyone to take advantage of this great technology and encourage others to do the same. It is a tremendous way to grow in love and knowledge of the child and his or her Creator!


  1. Such a beautiful post on Shannon!! Thank you so much for sharing this!! What precious pictures of LIFE and such an inspiring story!

  2. Shannon is an angel...and so are you Mellie!
    Thank you for sharing this feature on our sister and her babies. You know, I was about to ask Shannon where her shop name came from, and now I know.

    xoxoxoxo, Daff

  3. I will never forget when I saw my precious nalia in the womb. I got to see her in 3-D because they were trying to see the chambers of heart in high-def, so to speak. This was during a period of time when the doctors were telling me that she would be born with more than 4 congenital anomalies as well as possible mental disabilities and/or deformities based on her bilateral choroid plexus cysts at the base of her brain.
    BUT, she was MY baby, and God had given her to me to care for for as long as He chose, so I was NOT going to give her up based on what a man in a white coat (or woman in this case) advised me to do.
    2 years later, I am snuggling with my beautiful, perfect in every way, incredibly smart little girl!

  4. and I am also so blessed to learn more about the owner of this wonderful little shop. Anything that draws me ccloser to one of my sisters is a great thing! Thank you for posting this information AND photos!!! Yay!

  5. ...ohhh, Melody, what an honor! Thank you so much. I am sitting by my bed checking my email first thing in the morning (which I NEVER do!) and found this, and am now blinking back tears and blowing my nose! May all of us raise Champions of the Cause so the next generation will know Him better. Thank you.



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