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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

checks, credit cards, and Paypal, oh my!

How do you support your favorite pro-life ministry? Do you send them checks? Do you have an automatic withdrawal schedule set up? you do what I just discovered (yes, I'm a little slow sometimes, I admit) and send them something directly out of your Paypal account?

Holy mackerel! It was so easy! No check to write, no postage, no getting a paper cut from licking a yucky envelope flap (ewwww). Just three clicks. Maybe four. And done. Hoo-wah!

Here is a sampling of our allies on the front lines that accept Paypal:

Susan B. Anthony List
Live Action
National Right to Life
The UnChoice
Personhood USA

If you're quick, you can still get in a year-end donation, too. Don't delay! Your laptop is standing by!

UPDATE: As I clicked "publish post" and was sent to the "Your post published successfully!" page, guess what the Google ad was? To donate to the "Pro-Choice Cause" of Planned Parenthood. Just thought you should know.


  1. It is a great way to contribute - very fast =) I have friends who are missionaries based in China and I can gift them through PayPal, too!



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