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Sunday, January 31, 2010

106 Artists Stand for Life

Handmade for Life has just marked it's 1st anniversary as an online community of pro-life artists! The number ONE is a very exciting number. However, I find the number 106 to be even more exciting. To date, HFL boasts 106 professional artist/crafters standing up in word and deed for the unborn.

Handmade for Life consists almost entirely (but not exclusively) of artists who have online shops at Etsy. Word seems to travel quickly there! While Etsy is a great opportunity for creative professionals , it is much like art communities everywhere in that pervasive anti-life expression seems to find an easy forum. I have heard the opinion that pro-aborts on Etsy are simply more vocal and that there is also a large element that support the cause of life. It is certainly heartening to see the hundred who have gathered in our small community just in the course of one year.

I'll be taking time over the next few weeks to introduce each of our artists on this blog. I hope that you will bookmark or follow so that you won't miss any.

To Handmade for Life members: Please contact me on Etsy or via the HFL email (right sidebar) with any information about your work or pro-life activities that you would like to share.

UPDATE: As I was preparing to publish this post, I received information about our 9th member this month. I'll cap off the post with a nod to Hand Maid Creations , our newest member. It's great to have you here as our 107th!



  1. Hooray! Thanks for starting this, M...

  2. Happy Anniversary to us *winks* and the numbers keep on growing!

  3. Yeah! Changing the world, one at a time!



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