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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haiti, America and willful ignorance...

People rise to the occasion during tragedy. We bond in our grief and extend past our comfort levels to serve those in extreme need. We have seen it in instances like the terrorist attacks on 9/11. We are seeing it now with the relief effort in Haiti. Haiti has brought us together in our grief and January has been a month of mourning and a month of action. But tomorrow, on January 22nd, we remember and grieve for a tragedy that is far greater than the one in Haiti or 9/11.

On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States of America ruled that unborn American children do not share the same fundamental right to life as children who are born. They are property, chattel, things to be used and broken and discarded at will. We already had a choice about whether or not we wished to kill our children. Roe v. Wade simply eliminated the criminal penalty for the act.

The people of Haiti are suffering a natural disaster of catastrophic proportions. Ours is a manmade horror; where mothers allow men to torture and dismantle and burn their offspring within their very wombs. Children are murdered. Women are wounded. Many women have died along with their babies from legal abortions. We have been weeping and suffering for the Haitian people. Why are we so cold to our own?

There should not be a day that goes by when we do not consider the horror of what abortion is. There should not be a day when we are not on our knees begging the Lord to free us from this scourge and to protect the children. We should force ourselves to look at it. Be willing to speak the truth to a nation of people that has it's fingers in it's ears. Do we love enough to do this?

Although the people of Haiti still cling tenuously to their anti-abortion laws , abortion is still a common practice. As long ago as 1999, it was reported that roughly 7% of all pregnancies in Haiti ended in abortions. According to the Population Research Institute , Haiti has long been the target of aggressive population control tactics and funding. Circumvention of the law is possible when humanitarian aid agencies (such as USAID ) manipulate terminology such as "reproductive health". American tax dollars have been in Haiti for years helping the mothers to murder their own children in conditions that should even upset the pro-aborts. The people of that nation have long been afflicted by suffering and poverty and we are only now weeping for them?

Tomorrow is a day of prayer and fasting , of mourning and weeping, of regret and recommitment, of solidarity and promise. Let us continue to help those who are in immediate need around the world. Let us also remember the catastrophic and bloody mess that Americans have on their hands. It is sanitized homicide. Hidden. We do not have to see it if we do not choose to see it. Please commit  yourself to opening yourself up to that pain. Authentic love is willing to suffer. Let us suffer for the little ones and fight for their lives. Let us open our hearts to the families who are burdened by the pain of this scourge and reach out to the women who walk alone and silently in their grief.

If you have not seen what abortion really is, see it here .

If you do not want to look, look anyway .

If you have had an abortion, know that you are not alone in your pain. Go here to listen to others who have found healing.

(The beautiful photo above is from the EWTN home page)


  1. I believe that on Jan. 22, 1973, the supreme court also temporarily suspended capital punishment. At the time, I found that astounding. Kill innocents but save the convicted.

    I also found it interesting that my sister's son was born on that day. She'd been mistakenly repeatedly x-rayed while pregnant and the medical personnel involved insisted she abort. She had to change doctors. While it's true that he has Asberger's syndrome, he's been a blessing to many who appreciate his intelligence and sense of humor.



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