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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Friends for Life...

(Leah, Catherine and Anastasia)

It is the primary mission of Handmade for Life to give artists and crafters a way to stand up publicly in defense of the unborn. It is a huge bonus that many of us have become good friends along the way.

This post is the story of 3 friends who all happen to share a passion for handmade art, their faith in Jesus Christ, and the sanctity of life. They've been online and phone friends for a very long time and recently had the opportunity to meet face to face.

The first of these friends is Princess Daffy (otherwise know as Catherine). 
She runs two online boutiques featuring her lovely handmade gifts. Abbas Girl showcases many faith-based creations while Sweet heart Studio offers "pretty little things to bless your heart and home". Let it be said that Catherine is not only talented but is also one of the most thoughtful and generous souls to inhabit Etsy and the worldwide web. She has blessed many, many people through her time and treasure. And her beautiful custom artwork does hang happily on my wall!

The second friend is Anastasia who is a fiber arts magician. Her beautiful scarves and hats can be found in her two shops: Matt's Crafty Wife and Breath of Dawn Studio. Last Winter, I asked Anastasia to create a set of custom matching hats for my daughter and me (yes, she still wants to match mommy!). We were certainly not disappointed! Gorgeous creations from a true lover of life and the sweetest and most loving hands imaginable...

The third of the group is certainly not the least! Leah's creative passion overflows into so many different mediums that I'm sure I've lost track! She's on Etsy as Matic Studio (fiber/crochet/knit creations), Sugarfoots (fiber arts for baby!), The Dream Giver (luxurious products for pain relief and relaxation), and Leah Moerschel (original art prints). Did I mention that I own some her her work as well? Her Saucy Senorita (pictured below left w/Leah of the haunting eyes) is one of my favorite accessories. Lovely Leah puts her whole heart into her life and work!

These three ladies recently met for the first time in Florida (at Anastasia's home) with the other two traveling many hours from their home states. What a sweet surprise for Anastasia when not only her expected company (Catherine) arrived, but also Leah. With squeals, hugs and giggles so typical of the fairer sex, they settled down to a feast of food, friendship and joy as if the miles had never held them apart.

Life is good and love blesses us unexpectedly. These three Handmade for Life members know how to open their hearts to life and bless the world with the fruits that blossom!


  1. It really was an HONOR to meet these wonderful - pro-life - friends in person. They are fabulous people, who I love very much. We had a great time of fellowship and hugs. Thanks for sharing our beautiful visit with the world :)

    ~Anastasia aka "matts"

  2. Beautiful post. You described these three wonderful women perfectly!

  3. Mellie darling! I am crying from your beautiful words, and feel like I am right back there now...loving,feasting,laughing and sharing our hearts. What a wonderful time it was!

    The only way it would have been better is if all of HFL/CAST could have been there too :o)

    Thanks for sharing this happy day Mellie-Love you sweetie.

    And just for the record-Leahs eyes are gorgeous in person too!

    xoxo,Princess Daffy

  4. I love all three of these precious ladies!! Such an awesome photo of the three of them! I know they had so much fun :)

  5. Oh my goodness, Mellie! You are so precious! I am just now seeing this article and it brought back such wonderful memories for me of my Mama Daff and my kindred!!! What a fabulous trip that was, one that even I am SURE to not soon forget!!!!!
    Love you ladies!!!!



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