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Monday, February 8, 2010

Unexpected Pro-Life Moment of the Super Bowl


The commercial was cool. I particularly loved how it exposed the anti-life forces for what they truly are since only crazy or mean people would object to such a gentle message. But the pro-life event of this game had to be the post game images of Drew Brees with his son. I barely watched the game but did catch the celebration and this man's love for his little boy melted my heart. With tears in his eyes, he tenderly kissed those baby cheeks over and over again. This winning quarterback not only had the courage to say "God is great" on national television but to show that true manhood honors the smallest and most vulnerable among us. Watch the video below to see the moment that made me so glad I hadn't gone to bed...


  1. I HAD gone to sleep! Thanks for posting and sharing this moment - too precious! :-)

  2. That really WAS the best part of the whole game! :)



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