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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

China enforces one-child rule with mandatory sterilizations...

The Chinese government once again demonstrates gross violation of the natural rights of the Chinese people.

"Doctors in southern China are working around the clock to fulfil a government goal to sterilise — by force if necessary — almost 10,000 men and women who have violated birth control policies. Family planning authorities are so determined to stop couples from producing more children than the regulations allow that they are detaining the relatives of those who resist..."

"Zhang Lizhao, 38, the father of two sons, aged 6 and 4, said that he rushed home late last night from buying loquats for his wholesale fruit business to undergo sterilisation after his elder brother was detained. His wife had already returned so that the brother would be freed.

Mr Zhang said: “This morning my wife called me and said they were forcing her to be sterilised today. She pleaded with the clinic to wait because she has her period. But they would not wait a single day. I called and begged them but they said no. So I have rushed back. I am satisfied because I have two sons.”

Thousands of others have refused to submit and officials are continuing to detain relatives, including elderly parents, to force them to submit to surgery. Those in detention are required to listen to lectures on the rules limiting the size of families." (Read the full article here)
On a somewhat related note, there is increasing concern that acceptance of voluntary sterilization brings a host of difficulties to individuals, families and communities. Is there any strength to this claim? Here are a couple interesting articles submitted by the Couple to Couple League clarifying those concerns:



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