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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Autism Awareness Day...

(Autism Awareness Earrings from Larie's Creations...20% of proceeds donated)

I've always been one of those people who think that it's a bit unnecessary to designate a special day for every cause and person and product. Although I am quite fond of ice cream, I have just never been able to get excited about National Ice Cream Day. I'm not opposed to the idea of Fruitcake Toss Day but I confess I rarely have a fruitcake to toss...So, this amazing opportunity always passes me by! And although I dearly love all of the Grandparents in my life, I don't believe I have ever given a card or treat for Grandparents' Day. (Now, don't frown at me...I try to make them feel special every other day of the year!)

But there are some days that are set aside to remind us of something incredibly important. Many of the major religious and national holidays come to mind...When we set aside time to reflect and celebrate and grow in knowledge and love and unity.

On the surface, Autism Awareness Day appears to be in the former category; one of those days that is a nice idea but ultimately inconsequential. A more careful consideration leads me to a different conclusion...

That the life an autistic person is a treasure indeed and that it must be upheld, supported and cherished...Especially in a time and culture that devalues "challenge" and redefines it to mean "useless".

It is our role as people of Life to encourage those around us to view all life as it is given by our Creator. We know that a person with a disability is a cherished individual who has dignity and value. It is through our words and actions that we can communicate this to those around us.

Autism Awareness Day is a special opportunity to have this discussion publicly. To raise awareness of the wonderful lives touched by this particular challenge. And I am happy to participate!

You can learn more about life with autism at these sites:

Autism Society of America
The Autism Research Institute

I am so grateful to the many artists here who love someone with Autism. They have taught me so much about what it means to love deeply and authentically.

(Autism Awareness Tile Bracelet by Cherry's Creations...25% of proceeds donated)

(Autism Awareness Angel by Matt's Crafty Wife...100% of proceeds donated)


  1. Thank you, THANK YOU Melody! For posting this topic today. You've touched my heart beyond words. I can't express what it means to me, this cause is so dear to me since my 9 year old son has autism and is more towards the severe side than the mild/high functioning. Thanks for showing the pic of my autism awareness angel too. This is what I wrote on the team thread today:

    I posted this on the handmade for life team thread, and wanted to share with my friends here too:

    Good morning HFLteam :) Today is worldwide Autism Awareness day. Praising God for my Noah and the LIFE he lives, being pro life is not just about despising abortion, it's also about the value of every single life, the disabled and the elderly too. My son has VALUE, he is a gift from God! :D

  2. Beautiful words! Thanks so much for being such an incredible witness to us all. I certainly had you and your son in mind when I posted this today:)

  3. Melody,

    Thanks for speaking out about our kids who experience autism. My son, Tyler as you know, experiences asperger's syndrome and a few other challenges. He is a beautiful light shining in this dark world we live in. He sees things so...simply. He portrays, proclaims and lives God with every breath he takes, every smile he gives, every word he speaks. He is my greatest JOY.



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