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Friday, April 3, 2009

War on the Unborn?

One of the biggest mistakes that pro-life people made during the recent presidential election was thinking that abortion would be a peripheral issue for this administration. Although in many ways the writing was on the wall for all to see, the candidate managed to wield a rather effective smokescreen of slogans and emotion and talk of prosperity and change. What he clearly stated many times to his close supporters was that he intended to make abortion a focal point of his administration.

We are seeing the fruits now. He has been given a free pass on this issue with the majority of legislators fully on board with his agenda. That agenda looks increasingly like an all-out attack on innocent life.

It is no longer time to speak hypothetically about what this administration might do. They are doing it. Look at what Barack Obama has done in his first few weeks of office:

* Rescinded the "Mexico City policy" and authorized your tax dollars to fund international groups that are promoting abortion around the world.
* Begun the process of eliminating the "conscience clause" that protects doctors and nurses from being forced to take part in the crime of abortion.
* Expanded human experimentation by increasing federal funding of destructive embryonic cell research.
* Renewed funding for UNFPA-the United Nations group that helped China carry out its "one child" policy of forced sterilization and forced abortions.
* Promised to sign the "Freedom of Choice" Act-which, if it ever were to reach his desk, would undo every pro-life law in all fifty states

Lest you think that these actions are just the norm for a sitting liberal president with legislative majority, I present a list of his appointments to key positions in the government. He is lining up his generals in this battle.

* Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State.
* Kathleen Sebelius, the radical pro-abortion extremeist governor of Kansas, has been tapped to be Secretary of Health and Human Services.
* Rahm Emmanuel is Obama's Chief of Staff. He had a 100% pro-abortion rating from NARAL while a member of Congress.
* Ellen Moran, the former Executive Director of the pro-abortion group Emily's List is now White House Communications Director.
* Melody Barnes, a board member of Emily's List, is Domestic Policy advosor.
* Dawn Johnson, a former abortion rights attorney for NARAL, is the Assistant Attorney General for the office of Legal Counsel.
* James B. Steinberg, Obama's Deputy Secretary of State, is on record saying that it is unconstitutional to keep your tax dollars from funding abortions.
* Nancy-Ann De Parle-an abortion advocate who worked on the Clinton health care plan-will head up the White House Office of Health Care Reform.
* David Ogden, our new Deputy Attorney General, represented the interests of pornographers over the protection of children.

I know there are pro-life people who voted for this administration. I know that many of us who didn't vote for Obama did not do enough to speak out before the election. We certainly can't undo what has been done...But it is time to step up and take our place on the front lines.

Let us stand for life and speak for the voiceless innocents.

I am grateful to Priests for Life who provided these facts about our government. Below is a brief list of challenges that they issued in the same publication...Sacrifices that we can make for the youngest members of our human family. Consider...

--giving up a Saturday morning to pray outside a local abortion clinic;
--spending time helping a local pro-life group
--meeting with a priest or pastor and challenging them to preach against the evil of abortion;
--confronting a family member who is pro-abortion.

I would add...
--Follow the example of so many artists on this site and offer your talents as a weapon in this fight.
--Put your money where your mouth is and support sellers who support life.


  1. Sobering indeed. There is a war being waged against the unborn, and it's our responsibility to defend them as much as we can. Great ideas to help save lives. Thank you.

  2. YEAH!! Thank you, Melody, for summarizing all of this so clearly. So many people are being knocked out of their apathy right now - we have realized that our apathy has had grave consequences, and are fighting back.

  3. Thank you for challenging us to do everything we can to protect these innocent lives. Thanks so much!




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