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Friday, April 10, 2009

Interdenominational prayer for life...

(Pro-life prayer bracelet by Beads of Heaven)

A debilitating flaw of the American pro-life movement over the years has been it's tendency to fragment instead of unite. Instead of recognizing that we are all members of one body with different roles to play, the feet try to walk without the legs and the torso without the arms. Money struggles, power issues, personality differences...Failure to honor the fact that it is the different "charisms" of a body that give it the ability to accomplish a work.

At this critical time in our history, it is time to see ourselves as a healthy and vibrant body. We all have a work to do in this fight and I pray that this is the time to set aside all inconsequential differences and I am hopeful that it is happening.

In light of that hope, I would like to share a 30 Day Interdenominational Prayer for Life that is the fruit of the common effort of representatives of many Christian denominations and organizations.

Perhaps it can be of some use to you in your local efforts for life.

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