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Thursday, April 30, 2009

What will it take to stir our hearts?

The photograph you see in this brief video is of "Baby David" whose body was found by pro-life activists at a women's clinic in Houston. He was aborted at 28 weeks gestation in a D&E abortion (dilation and excavation) during which his head and arm were ripped from his body.

The activists (Debbie Huddnal and Chad Traywick) photographed Baby David in order to expose the violence he had suffered. When photo developers and police saw the photographs, they though a terrible crime had been committed. They searched the activists' home and only then did they discover that the violence done against Baby David was entirely LEGAL. The violence of abortion.

Police account covering the case prove the authenticity of this photograph.


  1. Thank you Melody. If more people could see this perhaps they would realize what a crime abortion really is.

  2. Our baby will be 30 weeks tomorrow, and I've felt her rolling and kicking constantly for a couple of months now. It breaks my heart that women are coerced into this, thinking this is their "only choice." If someone thinks this is their only choice, "pro-choice" is it, really?



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