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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Link Between Abortion and Breast Cancer...

If there's one cause that has rallied America under it's banner it is the Pink Ribbon Campaign which is the effort to prevent and cure breast cancer. And while we walk and donate and educate about this tragic disease, most of America is in the dark about one of the highly preventable causes of breast cancer....Abortion.

In 1986, a government scientist wrote "Induced abortion before first term pregnancy increases the risk of breast cancer."

In 2003, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons issued a statement calling on doctors to inform patients about the "highly plausible" relationship between abortion and breast cancer.

As of 2006, eight medical organizations recognized that abortion raises a woman's risk for breast cancer.

These facts which appear on the home page of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer are only the very tip of the iceberg. Dig a little deeper and the studies, statistics, and medical information start to take on volcanic proportions. But why is this information being suppressed?

The evidence suggests that exposing the link between abortion and breast cancer would damage the abortion industry and blow the cover on an industry that hides behind it's "safe and legal" mantra. The ABC site presents enough information to do that and more but it's fighting against an industry that depends on misinformation for it's survival.

I strongly encourage you to go to the Coalition's web site. Read everything you can there so that you can make this information your own and pass it on to others. We can't save everyone from cancer...But imagine if we could even save some. And don't all women have the right to be fully informed on the effects (short and long term) of a medical procedure on their own bodies?

Let's spread the word about the good work that the Coalition is doing. Their site is packed full of information that will help us do just that....

*Biological explanation: How abortion causes breast cancer
*Medical groups recognizing the link and quotes from the experts
*Abortion-Premature Birth link
*Bio-Ethics Journal: U.S. National Cancer Institute Covers up Abortion-Cancer Link

....To share just a little.

The Coalition also exposes the disturbing link between oral contraceptives and cancer. If the World Health Organization (WHO) classifies Oral Contraceptives as carcinogens, then why aren't we looking at their use more carefully?

They also add their voice to the mounting opposition to the Komen Foundation which has been identified repeatedly as a financial supporter of Planned Parenthood.

None of this information is easy to digest. We are asked to face and examine our own lives and actions in light of the knowledge that we are given and that can be a painful journey. But women have a right to be informed about the benefits or risks that are associated with medical procedures they receive and medication they ingest. They also have a right to know where their hard-earned money goes.

My deepest gratitude to people at the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer for their courageous and tireless work for women!


  1. I had heard about this before - I am on my way to check out their web page. Thanks for posting it here!

  2. I knew about oral contraceptives and Komen dontating to Planned Parenthood but had never heard of the connection between abortion and breast cancer. Thanks for the great information. Definitely worth a visit...will pass it on.



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