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Monday, May 4, 2009

Pro-life Mommy Brain...

Thank you so much to Anne at the Catholic Mommy Brain blog for featuring Handmade for Life today!

You can read the feature here.

And don't forget to take a look around the rest of Anne's blog. When I read the following, I knew I was in a good place...

“Mommy brain” is a pop culture term implying that a woman’s brain functions less efficiently after she becomes a mother. Sometimes it sure seems to. But as more and more scientists and authors are pointing out, “mommy brain” shouldn’t be synonymous with a lack of intellectual thought. A mommy’s brain actually develops a way of thinking, feeling, and responding to the world that is literally caused by the physical act of pregnancy and mothering. It means the development of new registers of intuition, emotion, and cognition. (Anyone else regularly wake up just moments before the baby does, wondering what you’re waiting for until you hear that familiar whimper?)

What a beautiful way to write about the gift of femininity and motherhood! Pro-life is most often associated with the unborn baby. But we know that it also embraces and honors the beauty of motherhood, of family and of all that is life-building and good in the world.


  1. Oh, so ABSOLUTELY true! Lovely reminder to all of us =)

  2. Thanks for the wonderful post! So glad I can help spread the word about what you are all doing.



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