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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Compassion of a man...

It is often said that a man has no right to speak on behalf of an unborn child because it is not through his body that the child is born. The slogan "My Body, My Choice" is a perfect example of this exclusion. It is used as a weapon to remove a man's right to compassion, to love, to justice, and to his God-given inclination to defend an innocent life against danger.

Far from agreeing that a man should stay out of this debate, I think that a man has a very special and irreplaceable role in the life of his children. And if all women can speak on behalf of (or against) the protection of unborn babies, then certainly every potential father can be given a voice as well.

I was recently chatting with an artist on Etsy whose husband has a particular passion for Life. She shared with me a poem that he wrote and they gave permission for me to share it here. I was so encouraged as I read it. It reminded me that although the voice of men have largely been silenced by the noise of certain radicals, there are many men whose passion for life, love of others, compassion for the forsaken, and grief over injustice has not been killed. A man who has a heart for those in life who are weak and oppressed is a treasure indeed.

Thank you, David...Your voice is being heard.

Unperson, unborn,
Unseen of the morn.
Unloved and unlaughing,
A child of scorn.

No future, no hope,
No positive scope.
No choice and no voice,
Life hangs on a rope.

Unpeople, unnation,
Unwanted creation.
Unheld and unhandled,
The remnants of passion.

No purpose, no path,
No wages but wrath.
No escape from the curet
And chemical bath.

Unnoticed, unknown,
Unable t’be grown.
Unnuzzled, unnurtured,
In silence they moan.

No kisses nor caresses,
No playful time passes.
No rights and no rescue,
The discarded masses.

Too little, too late,
Too many to rate.
Too bad and too bothersome,
The object of hate.

“Suffer the little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not.
For of such is the Kingdom of God.” Mark 10:14

-David Holmes


  1. Positively profound writing by David Holmes! Brilliant, and there must be a way to have this very widely spread....What a message straight from the heart!
    Whoever said that men aren't nurturers???
    Thanking God this morning for Davids courage and tender heart for the innocents!

  2. What a beautiful post today Melody. David's poem is absolutely wonderful and tear-jerking.
    Thank God for all of you who stand up for the unborn! You will be rewarded in heaven!

  3. That's an amazing poem! We really need to pray for the new administration is not pro-life friendly!



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