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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Seeing His Work in Glass...

The donations are starting to come in for the pro-life fundraiser basket and I wish you could see and touch these beautiful items. They are extra lovely to me because of the spontaneous generosity and love given by their creators. They so easily and cheerfully offered the work of their hands to support mothers and babies in need.

One of the very first artists to donate was a woman who is no stranger to pro-life work having given many years of her life to the fight. Helen is also one of the most genuinely multi-talented artists I know. If you can name a medium, she has probably worked in it and most likely very successfully! Helen's current focus is making lampwork glass beads and also selling them at Helen's Harvest. I know her talent first hand because I own one of her pieces and consider it a true work of wearable art.

Here is how Helen describes herself and her work:
I am Helen Simon, a Christian Wife, Homeschool Mom, Glass Artist, Fiddler, and Country Homesteader North of Sulphur, Louisiana.

I began making beads by lampwork (melting glass at a torch) in 2002, after half a century of fickle dabbling in other media including but not limited to... sign, canvas, and fabric painting, spinning, weaving, and crocheting fiber, designing and constructing artquilts, baskets, herbal and botanical wreaths, soaps, sachets. Satisfaction with my artwork quenched my zeal to continue, so I was bound for something different, new and challenging...until I discovered Lampwork at the Quilt Show in Houston. I haven't looked back, although I do stray a little incorporating fiber and fabric.

Setting up my lampwork studio was the second major goal (the first having taught my younger son to read) I ever achieved. Formerly distracted by other media, not so now! I was born to melt glass, that glorious and simple sand, so much more delightfully permanent than fiber or paint, coaxed and frozen into bizarre creations. I wake daily wondering if my bead dream will become reality this very day, if a glimpse at a bird, cloud, flower will become my expression. Glass is awesome, and I thank God for it.

I particularly enjoy making glass flower beads, and grow many of my models. Thanks for viewing my work.

Helen's was the first donation I received. She didn't hesitate and offered a beautiful lampwork baby that she created with a heart and mind for the work of Life. She also works extensively to support Life in her own community.
Please take a stroll through her beautiful shop. Her work is a joy to behold and even if you don't make a purchase, it will bring a smile to your face!

Thank you Helen, you are a gift from God!


  1. You Sweety, You! Thanks for featuring me on your Life Blog! The times of promoting abortion by the current administration will have dire consequences, and although we try, I think the best thing we can do now is pray that God would encourage hearts to be bold and proclaim what He clearly states in His Word. I'm not ashamed of the Gospel, and neither or you. I thank you for being my Friend and Sister in Christ! Love, Helen ♥

  2. Oh, what a blessed venture this is! Melody and Helen together...two hearts so loving and caring for the innocents! I am so blessed to call you friends and sisters.
    Helen, your work always leaves me in awe and there is no question as to the anointing of your hands for His glory!
    May God continue to bless both Helen and Melody for their faithful hearts, so full of love!

    xoxoxoxo, Catherine

  3. Melody, thank you for starting this blog. You and Helen are awesome Sisters that I learn so much from. You did a wonderful job on featuring Helen. I have three of her pieces and they are amazing and draw much positive attention. When asked about them, I tell of the amazing artist that made them.

  4. I go to church with Helen, and she lives the life she talks about. My mom called me today to tell me that the Helen cross that I gave her for Christmas gathers all sorts of compliments. She ministers with her glass far and wide.

  5. I like the nesting ring-Helen is so creative!



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